Friday, October 16, 2009

Changes Afoot

Looks like I will be moving to Charleston SC. This will be a good move for me - I will be closer to family and be able to pursue work that makes me happier. I've met a number of people who have made Vegas work for them, but it's not for me, and it's probably best that I close this chapter. I'm excited about getting a new start.

Another change will be more shorter races - and fewer marathons. I did 3 full marathons in 2009 - Phoenix, Myrtle Beach and Portland - and they were all great races, well organized, in nice places, just very positive experiences. Times of 320, 310 and 312 - I qualified for Boston and might do that next year if I can find time for it.

But mostly I'd rather focus on half marathons in the future - I think 13 miles is a better, more manageable distance. Less wear and tear and faster, with less downtime after. It's been almost two weeks and I'm still hurting pretty badly from the portland marathon - my quads and hamstrings have zero pep in them, no bounce and a constant ache - which is to be expected to a certain degree, but not something I'm used to.

Anyway I'm looking forward to running in a place with trees - under trees - in the soft green filtered light of a forest path - something I've missed while doing my time here in Vegas. It really makes a huge difference.

So very excited about searching out the mossy old live oaks of the South and making my acquaintance with them - this will be a good change.


  1. wow mike -- welcome to south carolina! Charleston is an unbelievable place to live. Everyone who lives there loves it. It's crowded, most of the houses are tiny, but it's a runner's paradise. see if you can live out on one of the islands like james island or mt pleasant. Those are my favorites, and my brother lives on james island with his wife.

    I can't believe you found work down there. SC has really high unemployment right now, and a lot of people (including me) left for greener pastures (North Carolina). Kudos all around brother. Can't wait to get you into the red state! We'll have to meet up sometime when i'm down visiting my brother.

  2. Congrats on the move, sounds like it will be better for you all the way around.

  3. sweet!! charleston is awesome :) a big move, but it's such a great place. (i'm in the upstate of sc.) still gets hot in the summer, but not 100s+ consistently! good luck with the changes.

  4. John - yes I am taking a pay cut for the quality of life improvement - life is full of compromises that we must make ther best of, right? Sounds like your move to Raleigh will mostly be for the best. My sister lives in Durham and there are a lot of smart, friendly people in that area.

    Perhaps I'll see you at the Myrtle Beach marathon on Feb 14? Or the half - I did this event last year and it was flat, fast and well organized. Just a thought. Maybe you too Lindsay!

    Oh and I think Raleigh has a pretty good half marathon in April - the name escapes me - that runs by the university. That'd be a good one too

  5. Hope the move went (or is going) well! Enjoy SC.